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Collect, save and share the personal life stories of our time as valuable recorded history.

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Welcome to the Life Story Library!

You and your stories are welcome here.

The power of story has drawn human beings together since ancient days. We want to understand what has happened to us, and why it matters. We hunger for strength, courage and wisdom in this rapidly changing world and long to be part of a meaningful story circle.

Relax, reflect and savor the sample of stories here for you. Your story could soon be one of them.

Preserve the Past

Everyone's story is a piece in the mosaic of human history. By saving and sharing our personal life stories, we discover wisdom, link generations and leave a legacy upon which others can build.

Nurture the Present

Courageous storytelling touches the lives of both the listener and the teller. It helps us bridge divides, increase awareness and heal so we can move forward. Silence doesn't change lives; our stories do.

Transform the Future

Stories inspire us and encourage us to walk the talk with integrity. By changing the stories we tell ourselves, we consciously change the course of the future.

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