Our Purpose


Respect and empathy


Wisdom comes from life experience.

Stories transfer resilience and values to the next generation.

Every person’s story is a piece in the mosaic of human history.

We have the capacity to grow, heal and redirect the course of the future.

We naturally empathize with people whose stories we know.

Silence doesn’t change lives; our stories do.

Vision Statement

Expand respect and empathy in the world through the collective power of our life stories.

Image taken of the Life Story Library Advisors at the First Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. 2013

Mission Statement

Collect, save and share the personal life stories of our time as valuable recorded history. Support authenticity, reflection, personal growth and collaboration.


Preserve the past. Nurture the present. Transform the future.


International in scope. Local in practice.

Values on Which We Base Our Decisions


Seek truthfulness with self. Respect and empathize with others.


Find purpose. Uncover wisdom. Open to possibilities.


Deepen involvement. Bridge divides. Expand relationships.

Principles That Guide Our Interactions

Enlightened Self-Interest

Act to further the interests of others, trusting that self-interest will ultimately be served.


Courageously tell and purposefully listen to each other.


Behave together spontaneously in an effective response to events.

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